Manu Zona Cultural 4 dias - 3 noches

Manu Cultural Zone
4 days 3 nights

TRYThis Trek to choquequirao is perfect for those people who are looking to get away from the crowds, This trek takes you to the other city of Machu Picchu, Choquequirao (The Cradle of Gold) which sits high above the Apurimac Valley over 3055 meters above sea level.

With a wide variety of flora and fauna, beautiful scenery and a visit to a major Inca site, the Choquequirao Trek is the adventure of a lifetime. Choquequirao is as important as Machupicchu.
Archeologists presume that it is one of the several lost citadels in Vilcabamba, where the Incas took refuge in 1536. Choquequirao is an extraordinary religious complex composed of nine sections, including the religious-political center. It also has hundreds of terraces, rooms and irrigation systems with aqueducts. The trek to Choquequirao is certainly unforgettable. We will leave Cusco through the Abancay Road and at Km 154 there is a side route to the Cachora Village where the trek begins. The trail starts at Cachora town over 2900 meters above sea level. Choquequirao was first visited and described to the western world by a French explorer during the 18th century, and then Hiram Bingham visited the site in 1910 before his discovery of Machupicchu in 1911.
Choquequirao is perfec trek to replace the traditional trek of inka trail to Machupicchu.

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