Queshuachaka Full day tour

This is really a new cultural program for all tourists who wish to relive the past of the Incas and join with nature breathing fresh air, located in the southern part of Cusco we will find the four lagoons, the caves of Qarañahui, the house of TUPAC AMARU II and the Inca bridge of Q’uesWachaKa. On the Apurímac river, in the Cusco region, at 3,700 meters above sea level, you can see an important Inca legacy that remains after more than six centuries. It is the Q’eswachaka Bridge, a spectacular 30-meter-long engineering work made of straw and stone, which is preserved and it was designated as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2013.

Every year this place witnesses an incredible renovation. The andean people gather to tear down the old bridge, dropping its bases over the river. Immediately women and men collect the straw from the Andean highlands that will be used to make the bases of the new bridge. For the construction of the new bridge authorities of each community are also integrated by gathering long queswas (ropes), which will be twisted and braided.
Ropes are tied to stone bases at each end of the bridge. The task continues with the laying of an extensive carpet, made of branches, to completely cover the floor of the platform. Two experts in weaving coya bridges lead the whole job. After the bridge is finished, the leaders make a speech and prayers of thanks begin.

It all ends with a great feast with meat of pork and cuy, and a dance full of joy.

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